Aurora Collection

Aurora Collection

Calico Wallpaper (Brooklyn NY)

Brooklyn-based Calico Wallpaper has created a collection of gradated designs that blend cool and warm tones, titled Aurora. The effects were developed by suspending mineral pigments in liquid then transferring them to linen fabric by hand.

Experiment with fabric-dying methods, resulting in the Aurora collection. Inspired by “horizons at dawn and the phenomena of light,” the dramatic designs feature a subtle blending color.


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‘Aurora’ is meant to immerse viewers in waves and washes of color. The work was developed following extensive research in the arts of fabric dying – mineral pigments such as ultramarine and indigo are suspended in liquid and transferred by hand to organic linen.

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The result is 16 exquisite patterns ranging from simple to complex and delicate to bold. Gone are the days of the flat colored wall.

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