Ananbô mixes the tradition of the 18th landscape murals with new printing techniques. Taking inspiration from the past, the papers are painted entirely by hand, then scanned and printed on non-woven paper in our Bordeaux workshops. The results are reminiscent of classic 18th century landscape painting with a contemporary exquisite touch. Chic monochromatic appeal of grisaille, colorful landscape or the exotic appeal of an Indian view will enhance any style environment.

18th century patina sepia undergrowth
18th century patina tana
Aged and weathered shandapur
Andaman color
Annam color
Annam sepia 18th century patina
Aswan color
Ayahuaca clair - obscure
Badalpur grisaille 18th cracked patina
Badalpur grisaille aged and patinated decor
Bali bawan aged sepia eighteenth cracked patina
Bali bawan color
Bali color
Bali color patina xviiith
Balinese garden color
Belem clair - obscure
Belem color
Benares color
Bengal gray patina eighteenth
Bengal sepia
Bengal sepia 18th century patina
Borneo color
Botanical journey in 18th century patina
Burmese landscape color
Castel bellagio color
Chao phraya color
Chao phraya color - 18th century patina
Cochin color patina xviiith crackle
Color botanical travel
Color okavango fishermen
Colored banks of the irrawaddy
Cypress and acacias grisaille
Distant Landscapes
Gallery edition caliber series 10-29740ham giclée fine art print
Garden plants
Gray monochrome lake victoria
Grisaille countryside cracked 18th century patina
Grisaille undergrowth
Headboard - tana chiaroscuro
Headboard - udaipur patina
India color
India color patina 18th century
Jaipur color - 18th cracked patina
Jarawa color
Java color
Java color - 18th century patina
Journey to nicobar color
Koh chang blue background
Lalit color
Lombok color
Mandalay color
Nicobar color
Nosy be color
Old Engravings
On the road to makanba grisaille 18th century patina
Orinoco color patina xviiith crackle
Pine and gray cypress
Pines and cypress grisaille sepia 18th century patina
Pines and olive trees
Pines and olive trees grisaille 18th century patina
Pondicherry color
Pondicherry grisaille 18th century patina
Pushkar color
Pushkar grisaille - 18th century patina
Sadananda grisaille
Saint john
Saint john sepia 18th century patina
Saint-martin color
Samoa color aged and patinated decor
Samoa sepia 18th century patina
San cristobal sepia
Sawa color
Shandapur color
Tana clair - obscure
Tana color
The Andaman Collection
The banks of the mekong colored
The banks of the mekong grisaille - 18th century patina
The banks of the nile color
The color bird garden
The color butterfly garden
The color mandrake garden
The color portobello garden
The colored flamingo garden
The French Collection
The garden of portobello grisaille 18th century patina
The Gardens
The gardens of halong bay color
The gardens of montesino color
The grisaille acacias
The island of blue parrots
The palms of kalaho grisaille patina xviiith
The path of the colored demoiselles
The path of the demoiselles color patina XVIIITH
The shores of the ukewéré color
The sources of the colored orinoco
The sources of the grisaille orinoco
The sources of the grisaille orinoco - 18th century patina
The sources of the orinoco sepia 18th century patina
The travels of bâ color
Trip to cochin
Tsaratana color
Udaipur color
Udaipur color patina eighteenth
Varanasi color
Voyage to celebes color patina xviiith
Voyage to cochin grisaille - 18th century patina
Voyage to nicobar grisaille 18th century patina
Wadi qina color