NLXL is the pioneer of digital wallcoverings. Founded in 2010, NLXL is known for Scrapwood Wallpaper, brainchild of designer Piet Hein Eek and NLXL founders Rick Vintage & Esther Vlak.

The company collaborates with leading brands and designers such as Paris based concept store Merci, Piet Boon, Paola Navone, Bethan Gray, Nacho Carbonell, Piet Hein Eek, Neil Poulton, Richard Hutten, Studio Job and many others.

After conquering the worlds' walls NLXL introduced NLXL Rugs. The first collection of rugs, designed by Mr. & Mrs. Vintage, is inspired by ancient old fabric designs. 


Scrapwood Wallpaper and Archives Wallpaper by Studio Job have both won the Editor’s award at ICFF New York. The latter also received the prestigious ELLE Decoration International Design Award during Milan Design week 2015.

The Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum has added Scrapwood, Archives and Remixed Wallpaper to their permanent collection.

Scrapwood Wallpaper and Archives were on display in the Museum of Architecture and Design in New York. The Archives Wallpaper by Studio Job was featured in all windows of Saks 5th Avenue for the Alexander McQueen fashion collection introduction, as well as the Paul Smith store windows on 5th Avenue.

Project clients include Bloomingdales, W Hotels, Cartier, Ralph Lauren, Amazon, Google, Mercure Hotels and many others.

NLXL products have been featured in the New York Times, Daily News, Architectural Digest, Wallpaper* Magazine, DesignBoom, Dezeen, Coolhunter and almost every other major interior publication.

ACP-01 Crochet Animals
ASU-01 Enchanted Garden
ASU-02 I’m Blue
BGR Nizwa
CON-01 Large Tiles Concrete
CON-02 Woodprint Concrete
CON-03 Rough Concrete
CON-04 Water Drops Concrete
CON-05 Weathered Moss Concrete
CON-06 White Paint Concrete
DRO-01 Frames
DRO-02 Hangers
DRO-03 Toothbrushes Small
DRO-04 Toothbrushes XL
DRO-05 Brooms
DRO-06 Spoons Small
DRO-07 Spoons XL
DRO-08 Christmas
EKA-01 Man With Birds
EKA-02 Antlers
EKA-03 Man on Bicycle
EKA-04 Man & Woman
EKA-05 Chandelier Black
EKA-06 Books Black
EKA-07 Books White
ERG-01 Greenhouse
GEO-01 Black Briòn
GEO-02 Cluttered Cats & Cords
GEO-03 Color me Gone
GEO-04 Layers
GEO-05 Mediterranean Indigo Blue
GEO-06 The City Rises
GEO-07 Pink Weave
Gradient Wallpaper
JEE Crown Caps
JOB Withered Flowers
JOB-01 Industry
JOB-02 Labyrinth
JOB-03 Perished
JOB-04 Alt Deutsch
JOB-05 l’Afrique
JOB-09 Metallic Robber Baron
MRV Cane Webbing
MRV Crate Labels
MRV Diamond Cane Webbing
MRV La Chasse
MRV Printed Rulers
MRV Wainscoting
MRV Wood Panels
MRV-02 Big Patterns Luther
MRV-03 Big Patterns Paola
MRV-09 Colored Chalk
MRV-10 Microscopic Slides
MRV-14 Beehive Cowhorn
MRV-26 Framed Cane Webbing
MRV-32 Black Wood Cane Webbing
MRV-41 Big Patterns Paradis Noir
MRV-45 Big Patterns Bouquet
MRV-46 Big Patterns Art Deco
MRV-47 Big Patterns Feuilles
MRV-48 Big Patterns Vignes
MRV-49 Big Patterns Coquelicots
MRV-50 Big Patterns Aubusson
NCA-01 Crack White
NDE-01 Circle Moulded Concrete
NDE-02 Star Moulded Concrete
NDE-03 Cross Moulded Concrete
NPO-01 Sketches
NSH-01 Palazzo DellaLalala
NSH-02 All Stripes Everything
Particles Wallpaper
PHC-01 Cork
PHC-02 Spoiled Copper Metallic
PHC-03 Spoiled Copper
PHE Mosaic squares
PHE Rusted Metal
PHE-01 White/Beige Scrapwood
PHE-02 White Scrapwood
PHE-03 White & Blue Scrapwood
PHE-04 Brown Scrapwood
PHE-05 Black Scrapwood
PHE-06 Mosaic Scrapwood
PHE-07 Grey Scrapwood
PHE-08 White Scrapwood
PHE-09 Beams heads Scrapwood
PHE-10 Brown beams Scrapwood
PHE-11 White beams Scrapwood
PHE-12 Blue/Green beams Scrapwood
PHE-13 White/brown beams Scrapwood
PHE-14 Grey/green beams Scrapwood
PHE-15 Colored sides Scrapwood
PHM Beige Marble
PHM Black Marble
PHM Brick
PHM Marble Black Metallic
PHM White Marble
PHM-35 Burnt Wood w/Maarten Baas
PHM-36 Blue Scrapwood
PHM-37 Plywood
PIB Washi
PIB-12 Plastered Ornament
PNO-01 Fish & Dots
PNO-02 Blue Dots
PNO-03 Shibori
PNO-04 Blue Eyes
PNO-05 Colors Water Colors
PNO-06 Geisha Sitting
PNO-07 Geisha Standing
PNO-08 Tye & Dye
PNO-09 Supermarket
PNO-12 Thammada
REM-01 Beige Remixed.
REM-02 Brown dots Remixed.
REM-03 Typography Remixed.
REM-04 Brackets Remixed
REM-05 Striped Squares Remixed
REM-06 Stained Squares Remixed
REM-07 Blue stripes Remixed
REM-08 Black stripes Remixed
REM-99 Black stripes Remixed
RHU-01 Layers Multicolored
RKS-02 Saint-Odulphus Church
RKS-03 View Olinda
RKS-04 Castle Of Batavia
RKS-05 Rough Sea
STB-01 Graphic Chevron
STB-02 Paper Flowers
TEU-03 Marquetry
TIM-01 Teak on black Timber Strips
TIM-02 Teak on white Timber Strips
TIM-03 White on teak Timber Strips
TIM-04 White on teak chevron Timber Strips
TIM-05 Teak on teak Timber Strips
TIM-06 Teak on teak chevron Timber Strips
TIM-07 White Timber Strips
TIN-01 White Brooklyn Tins
TIN-02 Off White Brooklyn Tins
TIN-03 Beige Brooklyn Tins
TIN-04 Small Grey Brooklyn Tins
TIN-05 Green Brooklyn Tins
TIN-06 Pink Brooklyn Tins
TIN-07 Brown Brooklyn Tins
TIN-08 Metallic Brown Brooklyn Tins
TIN-09 White Brooklyn Tins
UON-05 Greenery
VOS Cane Webbing Square
VOS Drops Cane Webbing
VOS Tube Cane Webbing
VOS-01 Hexa Ceramics
VOS-02 House Ceramics
VOS-03 Wave Ceramics