All sweet memories of a perfect childhood spent in the countryside can be traced back to the blossoming flowers and plants that grew in our grandparents’ backyard. BACKYARD FLOWERING is depicting hand illustrated milfoil, lucern and yarrow flowers in a soft composition that embellishes any interior. Available in two colour options: ether blue and seacrest.

The Complementary selection is our latest addition to the wallpapers collections. Maintaining the same high-end quality found in our designer wallpapers, the Complementary line features softer kinds of patterns that will easily accommodate any interior, all while delivering beauty and style. Discreet in colors and flexible to use, they are perfect for highlighting other more embellished, statement patterns. 


Our range of designer wallpapers are created and made in Transylvania. Combining the impact of a mural with traditional wallpaper repeats, our wallcoverings are manufactured in-house by using modern and traditional technologies. Eclectic and evocative, our timeless wallpaper collections take inspiration from our region's diverse ethnic heritage, paying homage to art, architecture, culture and rituals from all four corners of the globe.