Product Code:KEM024W

Vertical Repeat: 51 cm

Roll Dimensions: W61.5cm x H1000 cm

Product Description

In a world ruled by conformity, one of the best ways to break the mould is through your interior design choices. The Gothic, ethereal effect you get from this Amityville design is both inspiring and mesmerising. The skull image is neither morbid nor creepy but has a definite spooky vibe especially with that grin, what IS he laughing at? Beautiful and dramatic in equal measure, this wallpaper is a real head turner and will transform any room instantly. The monochrome colorway is the only option to show the design off at its very best and those ornate frames look almost 3D. Release your inner Goth and give your home a real treat by giving up a wall to the unworldly beauty this wallpaper offers. Amityville is a strong and durable wallpaper that can withstand anything our climate throws at it. Paste the wall, butt the joints and it’s there for you to admire in all its ghostly glory.

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