Black Wooden Boards


Black Wooden Boards

Product Code:KEM068W

Vertical Repeat: –

Roll Dimensions: W61.5cm x H1000 cm

Product Description

Black boards are the epitome of style and anyone who enjoys movies will have seen them many times adorning the walls of cool New York lofts and apartments. Now you can bring this chic look into your own home without having to even look at a nail or a hammer thanks to this unique and visually stunning wallpaper.
This faux wallpaper is so realistic you could be forgiven for thinking you would get a splinter in your hand when hanging it! Speaking of which, the realism of the paper makes it incredibly tactile as many a person will feel the need to run their hands across it. Don’t worry about it however as this is a tough and durable wallpaper which will withstand all the touchy feelies and the design also ensures you that you won’t see the joins.
This comes in particularly handy if you are using this wallpaper in a commercial capacity. The understated style of the hippest New York coffee shops have this kind of décor in abundance, and this wallpaper makes it easier than ever to bring this vibe to your own business.

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