Product Code: KEM041W

Vertical Repeat: 113 cm

Roll Dimensions: W61.5cm x H1000 cm

Product Description

There is a certain calmness and tranquillity about a library that allows you to leave the hectic world behind and seek sanctuary amongst all those books. Even if your personal reading choice is more e-reader than physically turning a page you too can now create a library’s ambience with this brilliant wallpaper. Your walls can be adorned with sturdy, leather bound tomes and there is even an authentic dip in the centre of the shelf due to the weight of this hefty reading matter.
The secret to this realism is that an actual photograph has been printed onto long lasting wallpaper and what a design triumph this is. You will need a magnifying glass to see the joins once it is in place, and you can build a room around this paper to create your own personal haven. From a commercial aspect there are numerous businesses which would benefit from this luxury wallpaper with the seated waiting areas of restaurants, hip bars and boutique gift shops all worthy candidates. It has also been used to great effect in Nursing Homes, stopping patients suffering from Alzheimers escaping through doors.

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