California Springs


California Springs

Product Code:KEM016W

Vertical Repeat: 52 cm

Roll Dimensions: W61.5cm x H1000 cm

Product Description

A high rise that only ends when your wall does! Gracing a wall with this vibrant wallpaper instantly gives you a room with a view, and what a view it is. California Springs is colourful, cheerful and gives you endless options for a bit of fun when you are relaxing in the evening. Who lives in that apartment with the red bike? What secrets are lurking behind those closed curtains? Never has a wallpaper such as this hit the market and those who are bold in their interior design choices and like to lead rather than follow trends are snapping this us. A tough and resilient paper, California Springs is easy to hang and will bring a pop of vivid colour to any home or business. If you like to think outside of the box as far as your interior design choices are concerned you won’t go far wrong with this wallpaper, and your visitors will remember a trip to your home for all the right reasons.

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