Product Code:KEM018W

Vertical Repeat: 23 cm

Roll Dimensions: W61.5cm x H1000 cm



Product Description

A refined and dignified ambience can be brought into any room thanks to this sublime Chilbury wallpaper. The richness of the red and the faux leather with its buttoned effect is simply gorgeous and makes for the perfect feature wall. The finish is in perfect keeping with the subject and also offers a durable coating to protect the paper from scratches and makes for very easy cleaning. You will probably associate this wallpaper with those big, traditional leather chairs from those bygone days when life was at a much slower pace and thanks to Chilbury it’s now easier than ever to incorporate that calmness into your home or workplace. Easy to hang and very long lasting, the pop of colour from the red combined with the aesthetic appeal of the design makes this one of those papers that looks even better hung than it does in the images. Small boutiques or quaint coffee houses will particularly benefit from this wallpaper adorning their interior.

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