Clubhouse Bricks


Clubhouse Bricks

Product Code:KEM015W

Vertical Repeat: 108 cm

Roll Dimensions: W61.5cm x H1000 cm

Product Description

If the popularity of wallpaper was gauged in heat terms this Clubhouse Bricks design would be positively lava like! Seriously, this is the one of the hottest wallpapers on offer at the moment as everyone who wants to add this chic rustic effect to their home or commercial premises has discovered that top quality designer wallpaper works just as well as the real thing. The whitened effect of the faux bricks add something extra to today’s contemporary living and it’s almost as tough and long lasting as the bricks themselves. Forget the hours of work removing the plaster, cleaning the bricks then painting them. Now all you have to do is hang this paper and that’s it; job done. It’s durability make it ideal for both domestic and work environments and now you can buy this outstanding wallpaper online and have it delivered to your door; it doesn’t get much better than that.

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Industrial, Surface



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