Mixed Tapes


Mixed Tapes

Product Code: KEM036W

Vertical Repeat: 75 cm

Roll Dimensions: W61.5cm x H1000 cm

Product Description

Making a mix tape is like writing a letter—there’s a lot of erasing and rethinking and starting again. A good compilation tape, like breaking up, is hard to do. Start with a kicker to hold attention, then kick it up a notch, or cool it down. This superb designer wallpaper with a distinct retro vibe pays homage to those days and creates an effect that is both visually stunning and thought provoking. The image is a photograph of the best mix tapes ever compiled that has been printed onto tough but luxury wallpaper.
What great songs and artists are on those tapes? Who put the time and effort into creating them? Do they even know that something that was so precious to them at one time had now been captured for prosperity? So many questions, with the answers lost in the mists of time…. The toughness of this wallpaper makes it ideal for both domestic and commercial look. Whether you have a music room or eclectic living space you want to give an edge to, or a small shop selling vinyl and musical paraphernalia from the past, this best selling wallpaper will make the perfect backdrop.

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Funky, Retro, Sceneric



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