Old Mossy Bricks



Product Code:
8888-44 (Shades of green)
8888-45 (White-green)

Vertical Repeat: 64 cm

Roll Dimensions: W53 x H1000 cm (53cm width/panel)

Product Description

Koziel has revisited the traditional brick wall, turning it into an amazing medium for artistic expression. The impression of relief is stunningly realistic.

Facing you is a wall of old bricks which have proudly weathered the passing of time. They reach out and touch us with their delightfully irregular surface, and their typically porous grain, ashy red colour, and time-worn joints. It is this conjunction of imperfections that captures the eye and creates an impression of genuineness that has undoubtedly never before been achieved! Gone are the days of Daddy’s old, rustic wallpaper…

A colourful and luminous version that is perfect for a Nature effect very attractive.

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Nature, Surface


Dark, Vibrant

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