“Tie&Dye” velvet decor Double door with simple Haussmann panelling



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Roll Dimensions:
W133 x H250 cm (133 cm width/panel)
W133 x H300 cm (133 cm width/panel)


Rediscover the beauty of Louis XV-style woodwork with Christophe Koziel’s new Haussmann collection. A stunningly realistic trompe-l’oeil creation achieved through meticulous photographic work.

The subtle interplay of darkness and light and the multiple areas of contrast produce an unparalleled degree of realism and a stunning 3D effect.

Only close scrutiny will reveal the illusion created by this atypical but remarkable exercise in style.

The collection comprises original compositions of decorative panels, doors and perspectives over two hundred years old, and crafted master woodworkers of the time.

The reproductions are exquisitely faithful to the original pieces. And no effort was spared to capture the fine, balanced details of the mouldings, the accuracy of colour tone (off-white/pale grey), the genuine old patina, the gilding with its minor imperfections, the delicately flaking paint, and the beautiful, fine cracks. It is all of these details that together produce the quaint charm of these samples of woodwork, which seems to have weathered the passing of time without losing an ounce of its appeal.

Wouldn’t you just love to treat your interior to these magnificent samples of woodwork that form part of our heritage? Go ahead and let yourself be tempted by one of these original compositions. It will never fail to enthral you, and will bring new life to your interior decor. Without a doubt, this is the most remarkable and sough-after collection of photographic tromple-l’oeil creations of the moment!

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