Product Code: MAE-B007-10M

Vertical Repeat:54cm

Roll Dimensions: W 61.5cm x H 10 m

Product Description

This unique chevron pattern is perfect for adding a burst of color to any room, particularly a lounge area. Cover one wall in this unique wall paper to create an eye catching accent wall, or cover the fronts of drawers and cabinet doors to liven up the room with small pops of color. Regardless of how you choose to use this outstanding pattern, it’s guaranteed to capture the attention of everyone that walks into the room.
Love Mae luxury wallpapers are printed on non-woven paper, making them both user friendly and eco-friendly. The fibrous paper is able to breathe, decreasing the chance of vapor becoming locked behind the wallpaper and growing mold. This form of paper also makes doing wallpaper yourself easier, as well as removing it. This type of wallpaper will not expand or contract, so you can be confident that it will look the same for years to come. A protective coating also helps to protect your wallpaper from change, guaranteeing that harsh cleaning chemicals and messes will not soak through to the wallpaper.

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Love Mae


Art Deco, Kids, Nature



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