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Product Code: SIMCORAL

Vertical Repeat: 72.6″ (184.5cm) horizontal

Roll Dimensions: 24″ (61.5cm) x 30ft 2″ (9.2m) – 3 panels per roll.

This unique design vibrates with color and light, abstract shapes alluding to the dynamic energy of the natural world—with a cool twist of retro. Organic shapes that create movement and excitement. Perfect for a commercial spaces, this colorful wall covering would be ideal for a hotel foyer, elevator lobby or a bar. Manufactured on a hard wearing, paste the wall non-woven wallpaper that is easy to install and maintain.

Product Description

SIMCOX is a wallpaper design studio based in Erskineville, Sydney. Founded by Emelia Simcox in 2014. These wallcoverings have been developed using skills from traditional scene painting. Combining time-honored techniques with a contemporary aesthetic and the latest in digital technology.

A European sensibility imbued with the Antipodean light brings a fresh take on Australia’s wallpaper tradition. Subtle but complex backgrounds for contemporary spaces – reflecting and enhancing natural light.

These abstract designs are perfectly designed for commercial spaces. Picture them in lobbies and large halls, hotel rooms and hallways. Many of the designs become softer and lighter towards the top, as there is no vertical repeat, which helps create a sense of height. Layers of hand-painted color also help to build up multiple layers of interest in the designs.

Intricate and abstract, from fluid black and white ancient Egyptian calligraphy wallpapers to large organic geometrics and layered green ombre wallpapers. This is a unique wallpaper collection for the design savvy.

The broken textured surface means your eyes don’t focus on just one flat plane, but many, leading to the illusion of space. The ultimate in contemporary design, this collection creates light, warmth and a beautiful atmosphere.

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