Product Code:
Kawung#1 (Green)
Kawung#2 (Grey)
Kawung#3 (Red)
Kawung#4 (Blue)

Vertical Repeat: Customised Wallpaper

Roll Dimensions: Customised Wallpaper


Has been existed since the 9th century, batik kawung is one of the oldest patterns that is still very popular in Indonesia to date. Originated from Java, kawung pattern is kolang-kaling (sugar palm fruit) shape, arranged on all four corners of a square and compiled with a basic block repeat style. Kawung was the Sultanate of Yogyakarta’s favorite, therefore our Kawung design is the embodiment of royalty in the contemporary era; dark, luscious colors of green, gray, red and blue transformed Indonesia’s favorite pattern into a luxurious and alluring décor for your space.

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Sekata Living


Contemporary, Surface


Dark, Vibrant