Product Code:
Z015H-01 Martin
Z015H-02 Pasmore
Z015H-03 Hepworth
Z015H-04 Malevich
Z015H-05 Albers
Z015H-06 Gordin
Z015H-07 Roszak
Z015H-08 Gabo

Vertical Repeat: Customised Wallpaper

Roll Dimensions: 91.5 cm width/panel

Product Description

Inspired by the works of the british constructivists in the 1950’s (victor pasmore, kenneth and mary martin), kinetic features an interplay of shapes and their shadows and reections. A design that repeats, kinetic’s geometric pattern gives the illusion of elements oating in space. A mixture of gilding, metallic and at paints on silk give kinetic an ethereal quality of foil in motion; real sculpture meeting shadow creating a stunning backdrop for a unique interior.

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Abstract, Contemporary, Experimental, Funky, Graphic, Kids, Luxury, Modern, Ornamental, Retro, Surface, Vintage


Metallic, Neutral, Pastel, Vibrant