Lush Life


Lush Life

Product Code: TMPCM02
Vertical Repeat: 15.7” (40cm)
Roll Dimensions: 24″ (61.5cm) x 32ft 9″ (10m)
Pattern Match: Straight Match

Product Description

As a child Paula Coop McCrory was fascinated by the wallpaper in her kitchen, which was covered in tiny fruits and vegetables. Drawing on this memory, she has enlarged the smallest of vegetables – microgreens – and given them a whimsical pink color treatment. This versatile print is her homage to imagination, memory and curiosity.

Lush Life is reflective of the delicate aesthetic Paula Coop McCrory cultivates on Pinterest. This durable wallpaper is printed on high quality FSC-certified paper and coated with a specially formulated glaze for added protection.

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Feminine, Graphic, Nature