Flower Garden


Product Code: MAE-B021-10M

Vertical Repeat:55cm

Roll Dimensions: W 61.5cm x H 10 m

Product Description

This high quality blue wallpaper is the perfect addition to any room of the house, but will really shine with a country styled kitchen if you are looking for kitchen ideas. Your country blue accessories and style will be the perfect accents to this chic wallpaper. For a modern kitchen idea, pair this elegant wallpaper with white accessories and furniture, giving your kitchen the perfect balance of color. Regardless of how you choose to decorate, this blue floral wallpaper has a timeless appeal that will never go out of style and a level of quality that remains superior.
Love Mae wallpapers are finished with two layers of clear coating, allowing you to clean the wallpaper quickly and effectively without causing any damage to the wallpaper itself, such as discoloration. They are also printed on non-woven paper, guaranteeing that you can easily apply them to the wall.

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