Polkadot Dreams


Product Code: MAE-B028-10M

Vertical Repeat:42cm

Roll Dimensions: W 61.5cm x H 10 m

Product Description

Experience the amazing transformation that wallpaper can bring to a room with Love Mae wallpaper designs. Polkadot Dream features a variety of colors and textured looks in a polka dot style. Each polka dot contains a separate color and pattern, yet they all coordinate exceptionally well to give your room a unique transformation from a dull, boring room to a lively room that explodes with color and class.
Love Mae wallpapers are manufactured to be user friendly and durable. Because they are printed on non-woven paper, they are friendly to the environment and the user. Applying the wallpaper to the wall is an easy process. A double glazing makes this wallpaper durable, protecting it from discoloration due to cleaning and preventing it from fading

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