Product Code: IM004

Vertical Repeat: 91 cm

Roll Dimensions: W61.5cm x H1000 cm


A simple typographic wallpaper created using one of the most popular typefaces of the 20th century, Helvetica. The Phonetics design epitomizes the simplicity and functionality that the Scandinavian Movement remains popular for. Simplistic wallpaper designs in lighter colors help to create the illusion of space in a crowded room while giving it a modern appeal. This children’s wallpaper is ideal for decorating a child’s nursery or bedroom.

This non-woven children’s wallpaper is designed to last until your child outgrows it. Soft colors on a classic wallpaper background remain a perfect addition to your children’s nursery. Pens and crayons can easily be wiped away due to the double layer of clear coating every wallpaper receives. If your toddlers paint a fingernail polish masterpiece on their wall, you can scrub it off with acetone without damaging the wallpaper underneath. Then, use this versatile and stylish wallpaper to teach your kindergartener their letters.

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Ingrid & Mika


Graphic, Kids, Modern, Nordic