Product Code:
D006-01 Epsilon
D006-02 Calisto
D006-03 Ganymede
D006-04 Rhea
D006-05 Saturn
D006-06 Vega
D006-07 Enceladus
D006-08 Titan
D006-09 Luna
D006-10 Mimas
D006-11 Dione
D006-12 Jupiter
D006-13 Andromeda
D006-14 Pluto
D006-15 Iapetus
D006-16 Ixion
D006-17 Orcus
D006-18 Venus
D006-19 Io
D006-20 Sedna
D006-21 Europa
D006-22 Neptune
D006-23 Tethys
D006-24 Halley

Vertical Repeat: Customised Wallpaper

Roll Dimensions: 91.5 cm width/panel


A brushed and layered pattern is created using washes of iridescent metallic paints and various pigments on paper-backed silk. The result is a shimmering texture which possesses an organic quality reminiscent of travertine stone but with a lustrous depth of colour. The grain can be painted either parallel or perpendicular to the panel length.

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Abstract, Coastal, Contemporary, Experimental, Funky, Graphic, Industrial, Luxury, Masculine, Modern, Nature, Oriental, Ornamental, Retro, Rustic, Sceneric, Surface


Dark, Metallic, Vibrant