Feathr is less a company and more a movement as founders Tom, Anne and Oli who want to fill the world with more art and less decoration. The team source, curate, commission and make stunning, modern and unique Feathr wallpaper in collaboration with artists all around the world.

A Beautiful Thing is Never Perfect Monochrome
A Beautiful Thing is Never Perfect Original
A New Ornate Violet
Aloha Original
Amazonia Monochrome
Americana Original
Amsterdam Original
Astray Charcoal
Baltic Sea Cool Grey
Bamboo Original
Bed Of Reeds Blue
Bed Of Reeds Cream
Bird of Paradise Blush
Bird of Paradise White
Birds Birds Original
Blue Hawaiian Original
Botanical Storm Ice
Botanical Storm Jade
Boy Kim Summer
Carpathia Vintage
Catch Me in the Caymans Original
Cherry Blossom Cerise
Cherry Blossom Duck Egg
Cherry Blossom Gold
Cherry Blossom Pink
Cherry Blossom Porcelain
Cherry Blossom Sand
Cherry Blossom Zen
Crystal Trompe L’Oeil Marsala
Dreamboat Blue
Drip The Scales Light Blue
Eastern Secret Blue
Eastern Secret Cream
Eastern Secret Green
Ember Original
Enchanted Garden Emerald Green
English Rose Forest
English Rose Midnight
Euphoria Complementary Cream
Euphoria Cream
First Bloom Monochrome
Fishes In Geometrics Silver
Flower Bomb Pewter
Great Bear Little Lion Custom
Himeji Blue
Himeji Red
Hirosaki Gold
Hirosaki Silver
I See U Grey
In the Glade Autumn
In the Glade Summer
Island Life Original
Japanese Anemone Vintage
Jungle Kingdom Ochre
Jungle Kingdom Space
Jupiter Original
Keziah Night Silver
Kubla Khan Mint
Kubla Khan Mist
Kubla Khan Night
Kubla Khan Saffron
Kubla Khan Sand
La Cueillette Dawn
Lake Champlain Night
Lost Garden Sandstone
Love Train Original
Lustrous Rose Silver
Mansfield Teal
Marble Dream Original
Matsumoto Pink
Meadow Geranium Original
Midnight Gathering Shadow
Modern Fair Isle Bailey
Monkeys with Birds Dark Blue
Mystic Metallic Grey
Mystic Teal
Neural Sand
Oh La La Blue
Oh La La Sand
Oh La La Verdigris
Oh La La Wall Mural Blue
Oh La La Wall Mural Sand
Ornament Sky Blue
Oslo Original
Oslo Smoke
Paradise Lost Original
Paradise Sunrise
Parthenon Original
Pastoral Sunset Original
Persian Leopard Original
Plato Monochrome
Plato Pink
Polaire Blue
Polaire Vintage White
PomPom Original
Porcelain Roses Pale
Riviera Storm Ombre
Riviera Teal
Roma Lacio Verdigris
Sacred Smoke Original
Safari Gold
Sakura in Bloom Cream
Sakura in Bloom Green
Serengeti Sunset Honey
Shadows of the Deep Original
Shimmer Chevron Gold
Spirit Sludge Black & White
Summer Fields Blue
Swan Lake Grey
Swan Mist Grey
Takeda Azure
Takeda Duck Egg
Takeda Gold
Takeda Jade
Takeda Rose
Takeda Sand
Takeda Silver
Takeda Teal
Tattoo Flash 01 Green & Gold
Tattoo Flash 01 Negative
Tattoo Flash 01 Original
Tattoo Flash II Blue
Tattoo Flash II Pink & Blue
Tempestas Dark
Tempestas Light
Tender Oil Original
The Big Smoke Original
Tips Monochrome
Tropical Shore Berry
Tropical Shore Deep Green
Tropical Shore Pastel
Tropical Shore Terracotta
Venice Beach Original
Wavy Blue
Where They Belong Tropical Duo
Where They Belong Tropical Grey
Whisper Metallic Coral
Windy Meadow Cloudy Grey
Worsley Woodland Dawn
You Don’t Find The Light by Avoiding the Darkness Parlour Plum
Zarafa Original
Zephyr Day
Zephyr Monochrome
Zephyr Night